Rockin Big Buddha by Tommy 16 - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Born under the original moniker Hardy Nilsson, Tommy 16 brought on their influences of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star to their home country of Sweden. Consisting of Urban Holmberg (vocals/ guitar), Lars Hall (guitar /vocals), Jan Pettersson (guitar), Niclas Marklund (guitar), Mikael Eriksson (bass) and Patrik Sundqvist (drums), Tommy 16 soon found themselves being heard on the radio with the release of their first single appropriately titled "#1 single." After signing to the local indie label A West Side Foundation, Tommy 16 soon established themselves as Swedish pop icons with their first album Shauna. Followed by the singles "Racerboy" and "Come on, Come on (Please Let Me See It)" in 1997, their follow-up album, Big Rocking Buddha, came out that same year around the time of their first full-fledged Swedish tour.

Rockin Big Buddha brings together a number of influences - all of them good - at times they sounds like Badfinger, T Rex and even Oasis! Check them out.

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Track Listing

1. Around The World In One Day
2. Book Of Love
3. Racerboy
4. Come On, Come On (please let me see it)

5. Rock 'n' Roll Will Help
6. Hard To Be A Man
7. Get Ready
8. Baby's Got
9. Griefless Days
10. Last Days of May

11. Ride Lower
12. The Pretender