Soak The Sin - the Work Is Done - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

We are delighted to announce that our debut album "THE WORK IS DONE!" has now been released in the US. The album is released on Morphine Lane records and consists of 11 tracks including both the singles "Hands Up" and " I Said No".

Returning on a high from a resounding UK debut (Manchester v Cancer) Soak the Sin release the 2nd single "I SAID NO" and prepare the way for their debut album "THE WORK IS DONE". (March 06)

StS have once again utilised the talents of Johan Nilsson (This Perfect Day) on production duties, and the results are there to see with the girls sound, style and attitude punching their way towards an exciting future. Since persuading Malin onboard after a chance meeting at one of her former bands gigs then the final pieces of the Soak jigsaw have come together for their perfect combination.

Punchy, straight up rocking out tracks sitting in harmony alongside deep angst ridden emotive classics are taken easily in their stride in the studio and executed to a breath taking level in StS live performances.

Since taking to the stage at Swedens International showcase event "Access All Areas" in 2003 the girls have not looked back once. Their reputation as one of the country's hottest live acts has been forged out on a notoriously difficult live circuit but heads have been turned and tongues wagging at every twist and turn.

Having recently dipped their toes into International waters The reaction has been astounding to say the least, gaining new fans and friends along the way.

With the album just around the corner and gigs to burn in 06, the future looks bright, the future looks SWEDISH.

Price - $17.00


1. The Work Is Done!
2. Shadow
3. I Said No
4. Over and Over
5. Too Cruel
6. Love and Adore
7. Seven Is Seven
8. Hands Up
9. Because Of You
10. Disarm
11. Like They Knew