Honest from Serpentine - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Stuck between the speakers listening to sounds which catapulted one into outer spheres.
Maybe it would have already been called the sound Anarcho-Pop. But musical genres were not being discussed in those days. Now melancholic, beautiful and classic synthesizer
sounds stream to my ears, sounds which have tight knots with those old roots.

Serpentine reminds may remind you at first of listening to a mixture of early Pink Floyd and "Viva-La Düsseldorf" and oddly various old film scores.

Old drum machines and machine-like sound constructions are created on a stable base. Somewhere there are hovering voices in the distance. Classical sounds with continuing
playful mixed modern elements are like a musical visit of modernity within a secondhand shop. Brilliant!

For all who are desperate for comparison and names dropping as a typical old Pink Floyd fan, you might have guessed it already, Honest is in the style of "Meddle" or
"Atom heart mother". One thing I have to put right. Despite my comparing with other bands, Serpentine is
definitely going on an independent path. In contemporary times of fast living hits and superstars, Serpentine is not only for themusical Switzerland an absolute relief. In one sense it is its own galaxy without it, the sky would be much darker.

Mindboggling surrealist pop from Swiss multi-instrumentalist and studio-freak Jan Zimmerly and drummer Serge Olar. Think of Zimmerly as Richard Swift in full-on discombobulation mode with monumental orchestrations balanced by lovingly tarnished recording values. At times it's seriously dynamic and oddly compelling sound-collage while at others it falls somewhere between the Beatles White Album meets Pink Floyd's Meddle, with a hint of Radiohead's the Bends. Ultra-dramatic, over-dynamic, driven by the rich traditions of folk and psychedelia yet consummated within the elemental crackle of Jan's studio wizardry. Likened elsewhere to Kraftwerk/Neu! member Klaus Dinger's La Dusseldorf project's stylish progressive rock symphonies and again early Pink Floyd.

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1. Rocky the Mouse
2. Sunday
3. Butterfly
4. The Calculator
5. Sleeping Sheep
6. Train
7. Whatever Makes You Happy
8. Rainbow Ride
9. Universe Sailor
10. To Kill Is Right
11. The Monster
12. Pocket Money
13. Crackpot