Puffin - In Red and Yellow - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Recorded and Produced by: Puffin at Tonteknik Recording and at Mobile Recordings.
Additional Recordings by: Pelle Henricsson.
Mixed and Mastered at: Tonteknik Recordings by Puffin and Pelle Henricsson.
Puffin: Per Helin, Mattias Jonsson, Eskil Lövström, Robert Norsten, Jon Rudberg, Magnus Åström

Strings by: Christina Öhrling.
Double Bass by: Jakob Munck.
Sleeve Design by: Jörgen Dahlqvist.

Thanks to: Jörgen Gustavsson, Peter Rosenberg, Henrik Andersson & Christer Blomgren.

Price - $17.00

1. Last Piece
2. Sountrack
3. Public Relations

4. No Need For Please
5. More Is Less
6. Flip Over
7. Hard To Quit
8. Puzzle
9. Waterfall