Popundret - Montmartre 15 40 - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Popundret was founded back in 1991 by original members Martin Wiklund and Magnus Ericsson. They were soon joined by vocalist Marielle Nyström. They formed the band, because they wanted to do something else than play the early 90’s indierock that they used to do; they wanted to play popmusic. Influenced by British bands such as The Smiths, New Order and The Primitives, they started out as a totally acoustic trio with two guitarists and a female vocalist. Their debutgig was at the first ever Trästocksfestival in Skellefteå, in the summer of 1991, and shortly afterwards they were joined by drummer David Johansson, who had played with Marielle in previous bands. Then Martin gave up his guitar for the bass and a band was forming. In early 1992 Peter Eriksson joined to complete the setup with his 12-string guitar. Popundret was now a complete band!

The band played a couple of gigs during the spring of 1992, and they also recorded their first material to be released on CD, the song Reach, which can be found at the Westside compilation 15 Songs For The Spring. Popundret played their last gig with Marielle at the annual Trästocksfestivalen, the place where it all began the year before. Marielle left for England and suddenly the band was missing a vocalist. Because of this, the band was put on ice for a while.

Suddenly, in early 1993, the band discovered that their longtime friend Magnus Nilsson had developed his singing-talents while biking to school and in the shower. And he had come up with a voice that suited Popundrets sound perfect. With their new vocalist the band was back in business and they started to rehearse with a new and intense energy and ambition. The first result of this new edition of Popundret was called Happy Great, and can be found at the Westside compilation Westside Strikes Back Vol IV, which was released in spring 1993. Later that year the band made their debutgig, and, surprise surprise, it was at the Trästocksfestival. It was very well recieved by the audience, and after that things just rolled on.

They recorded new material which was released as their debut EP in the summer of 1994. Montmatre 15 40 is their first full length CD.

Magnus Nilsson - vocals, handclaps (born 1973). Was an active swimmer when not listening to The Smiths or Joy Division. A bit older he quit swimming in order to develop his other talents. Also writes poetry. Read some of his Swedish poems here

Magnus Ericsson - lead guitar, tambourine, synthesizer, hammond organ, handclaps, piano, backing vocals on Happy Great (born 1973). Is the most sportsinterested member of the band. He has been a goalkeeper in a local footballteam as well as in the local icehockey team. Also singer and guitarist in A Shrine.

Peter Eriksson - guitar, handclaps, percussion, backing vocals on Harriet (born 1973). Has been playing icehockey, handball and basketball before giving it all up for his main interest.

Martin Wiklund - bass (born 1973). Once a goalkeeper for one of the local football teams. Also lead singer with local hardrockers Stardog.

David Johansson - drums, handclaps, xylophone, marimba (born 1971). Has always been interested in music, and is therefor the least sporty member of Popundret. David is also a member of Backfish and The Spacious Mind, who has done a small European tour.Plus

Henry Morgan - cello on Behind Her.

Jari Haapalainen - drums on Shiver Gone. Normally guitarist with The Bear Quartet.

Marielle Nyström - vocals on Reach.

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1. Life Can Be So Hard
2. Shiver Gone
3. Friendship Love
4. Behind Her
5. Radiant Warmth
6. Happy Great
7. Hallowed Grief
8. I'm Going Out She Said and How Would I Know
9. It Doesn't Matter To Me

10. Tiger Woman
11. That's What Makes Me Love You
12. Harriet
13. Go Find the One