Welcome To Hope - by Holiday With Maggie - imported from Sweden by Listening Post

It all started back in 98. Marcus and Magnus formed the band Holiday With Maggie after Marcus had been traveling through Asia for a few months. Holiday With Maggie has gone through a couple of line-up changes during the years but is today a duo. The same two dudes who started the band!

The first thing they ever recorded was the Weezer and Fountains of Wayne soundlike mini-cd “Librarian types”. It was released in US and JAPAN and got really good response on the American college radiostations. After that the boys played some shows and released their more punky full length debut “Nice from far... but far from nice” It also got good response at an indie level.

But it wasn't until the second full length album “Skyline drive” was released, that Holiday With Maggie got their small break-through. “Skyline drive” has sold over 10,000 copies around the world. The album also made them go on a couple of european tours and even touring Japan and Russia. The song "Make it, don't break it" was on rotation on the swedish national radioP3 and the video for "Recover and reset" was rotating alot on MTV in Japan.

Now they are back with the new album called “Welcome to hope”. It's more pop than the last album and even more emotional. Holiday With Maggie has hooked up with the Italian indiepunk label Wynona Records. "Welcome to hope" was released in March 2006 and will be followed by two European tours and and one trip to Japan! Listening Post is proud to ditribute the cd in the US and Canada.

Also check out Holiday with Maggie's first CD- Skyline Drive

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1. Leaving With The Lights On
2. From Sweden With Love
3. 17 Days From Now
4. Stolen Parts and Broken Hearts
5. Don't Tell Me
6. Mistakes and Accidents
7. Ghost World
8. A Memory of Clarity
9. Overrated
10. Touched By The Void
11. High On Life