The Drowners - World Record Player - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

"The Drowners are among the best of the bunch from Sweden"...International Pop Overthrow Festival

For those of you who haven't heard of The Drowners before, "World Record Player" (1997), is The Drowners second CD, A West Side Fabrication in Sweden. "Is There Something On Your Mind?" (2000) was recorded in LA with producer Matt Hyde for Wind-up Records in New York. their latest cd is Muted To A Whisper, released through Listening Post Music in the US.

World Record Player definitely has a harder edge to it than the Drowners more recent material, however what continues to make it special is the importance melody plays in each of the songs on the cd.

The Drowners have had a long history of having their music used in both movies and TV as you can see from the list below and have fashioned their videos to reflect their knowledge of the visual medium.

TV: Providence - 2000 (NBC)...MTV Road Rules - 2000 (MTV)...Just Deal x3 - 2001 (NBC)

Movies: Välkommen Till Festen - 1997 (SF):Down To You - 2000 (Miramax):Boys & Girls - 2000 (Miramax):Beck Hämndens Pris - 2000 (Egmont)...........Hundtricket - 2002 (Omegafilm)

Check out the Drowners - Muted To A Whisper too.

Price - $17.00

Track Listing

1. Bittersweet
2. Fake R & R Personality
3. Is There Something On Your Mind
4. Pickup
5. Summer Break My Fall
6. What Comes Naturally
7. From A Distance
8. One Star
9. I Hear You Knocking
10. Hey Seventeen
11. Winter Left You Alone
12. Dependency
13. Happy Endings