Melody of Mokus by Calm Chaos- Imported from Sweden by Listening-Post Music

Built on life long friendship, nourished by brotherhood, put to life through a merge of genres and evolved from a common dream of huge arenas of screaming fans. It is Calm Chaos and it's passing you in the fast lane.

When Toby and Dannie sat down in a modest home studio after 5 years apart both geographically and musically, they couldn't have had a clue of what was about to spring to life from their impro ideas of heavy guitar riffs.

When Dannie's brother Patric was called to the studio to record some rhymes to these heavy-metal/rock backgrounds, an undeniable sense of success, as undeniable as the smell of half-empty beer cans and cigarette butts, spread in the small apartment/studio.

It didn't take long before childhood friend and former band partner Foaf rocked up with his bass, together with old band rival Nisse, to join what now was starting to look like a band. One demo soon turned into an E.P. that hardly no one noticed in Sweden but which got good rotation in the U.S, was licensed by MTV made, and earned surprising sales in Japan.

At the same time the band was blessed with a guitar guru worth his weight in gold as former Purusam member Johnnie got on board.

Calm Chaos is where Patric's fabolus rhyming skills meet his anger and sense of passionate melodies, it's when Toby's insane riffs controls Johnnies even wilder solos, how Dannies funky bass lines gets much needed bottom from Foaf's low b, and it's why Nisse's drumming makes you wish you were a rockstar...

It makes you think of a thousand piece puzzle; Impossible to understand when the pieces are separated, but a truly magical experience when it's put together - Calm Chaos...

Line Up:
Patric - Vocals
Nizze - Drums
FoaF - Bass
Dannie - Bass/Vocals
Toby - Guitar/Vocals
Johnny - Guitar

Price - $17.00


1. Heroin (E)
2. Alone
3. Conversation
4. Raped Romance
5. Restored Destruction
6. When I'm Gone
7. Melody of Mokus
8. To Be
9. Ghost Killer
10. Crush
11. Get Up
12. Free Ride