New Souvenir

CD - Imported from the UK

"Every note is pure intensity. Anemic just goes off, the building shakes and they let the music break the rules" Metal Hammer

"Intoxicating Melodies and anthemic choruses" - Kerrang

"Somebody's fed these guys heaviness thgouyh an intravenous drip" - Big Cheese

The ANEMIC, from San Berardino CA; are set to challenge all your pre-conceptions with a sound that is compelling, challenging and both raw and unique.

Formed in 2000, Anemic juxtapose raw metal aggression with melodic bipolar passages that jump from one emotional extreme to the other to create a blend of music that is sincere, refreshing and Diverse which they capture and perform with style on their debut album.

Recorded at the band's home studio by vocalist Kevin Peters and brother, guitarist Daniel Peters it contains just a small sample of what the band are capable of. The album is filled with anthems and ballads that reveal the intensity of four musicians that thrive on music and have given everything they have and own for it. The songs themselves are full of sublime melodies, dynamic vocals, and guitar lines with layers of style and progression.

"We basically just got sick of driving down to LA and blowing our money on a worthless demo that wasn't doing our songs any justice", says vocalist Kevin Peters. Daniel and I saved up and bought our own pro tools rig and just dived into recording, writing and molding songs together one after another. It's been the best experience really because it's allowed us to really focus on writing the best songs that we can.

Though spending time in the studio ANEMIC remain a "LIVE" band. "We've played countless shows around San Berardino and LA and on stage is where our music means the most to us. Say's Daniel Peters. Every note is pure intensity. We just go off, the building shakes and we let the music do what it's supposed to do. Break the rules. Push the envelope and hopefully reach people on another level that you can't get in your bedroom, in your car or on your walkman". Though in retrospect, a band who has achieved very little in terms of success, ANEMIC are poised to blow peoples minds in their wake of anyone willing to listen to their cd or come to one of their shows.

Also check out Anemic's second CD, Till Death Do Us Part. and their latest, A Combination For Disaster


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1. Pieces
2. Breaking Hearts
3. Options
4. Return To Sender
5. Honesty
6. This Morning
7. The Biggest Regret
8. Yesterday
9. Phase
10. One Shot Away
11. Dressed For The Funeral
12. Your My Anchor
13. New Souvenir
14. Empty