Wilson Hospital
Medication For A Lost Generation

Imported from Sweden

Irresistibly charming pop with a 60's touch, and melodies that makes it hard to restrain oneself from constant sing-along. That's a fitting description of the music that The Wilson Hospital debut album has to offer. Simply put, it's "Medication For A Lost Generation"

What we know for a fact is that Kathrine is a bit of a sweet-tooth and that in spite of several years of pounding distorted guitars in her former band Backfish, she shows no signs of damage on either her sense of esthetics or of her ears.

What we know about Mårten is very little. He spends most of his days indulging in records by the Beach Boys and has a very bad morning temper. But none of this is of any importance, because right now is the moment when you're holding their debut-album in your hand and the rest is up to you." Dr. F. Landy, "Beachbums and Trailertrash"

Price- $15.00



1. A Good Day
2. Call Me A.S.A.P.
3. Summer Holiday
4. The Wake Up Call
5. Sometimes Helpless
6. Midsummer's Ball
7. Rocket To The Moon
8. Don't Be Late
9. I'll Be Around
10. Pleased To Meet You
11. Must Be Something In The Air
12. Wherever We Will Be