Out Of Service

Out Of Service (released May 19 th 2003 through Independent Sugar Shack Records) has sparked frantic major label activity, topped Radio 1's One Music Top 10 Rated list and had Radiohead producer John Leckie on the phone offering to produce their debut album.
. Waxonwaxoff sent the first copy of Out Of Service to producer John Leckie (The Verve, Muse, Radiohead's The Bends). A week later Leckie called to offer his services and bag first dibs on the album.

"John Leckie wants to produce our album" reiterates Sam. "When we heard that we got so excited." With Leckie equally moved by the prospect, and the Out Of Service EP going to No.1 on Radio 1's One Music Top 10 Rated chart, the glances from the major labels are more admiring than ever.

Price- $4.00



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