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The band started up in the waves of big Grunge time. And both their first album "Full Circle" and their second "Evidence" had some kind of Grunge sound to it. But from their third album "Odd Man Out" they got rid of the heavy rock sound and become a pop punk band with lovely chorus tunes (some even said they've become a power pop band). Songs like "Super Ball" and "Elvis" made it to the radio charts and soon after that Wade went to the U.S. of A for a big exploitation. Unfortunately some gravel came into the machinery. Still, they released a fourth album on West Side, the "Cybergenic Rockstar Profile". The album-included loads of hit material; just listen to the excellent single "Freak Or A Star".

Quick head to head with Wade

Q: Who's in the band?

Freddie: Fred Really -Bass lead voc, Robbie and Richie Foor (Twin brothers)-Guitars and back voc. and Peter Shell -Drums.
Q: You guys have been touring with the likes of Blink-182, NoFx, Unwritten Law, Homegrown and Bad religion. That pretty much puts you in the "Skate Punk" category of bands...any relations to that?

Freddie: I dunno if I would call us THAT Skate Punk, but yeah, we all relate to Skateboarding/ Snowboarding and that way of life...Robbie used to dominate the local skate scene back home. he even claimed the throne as Swedish MiniRamp champion once..but only got second place..hehe..
Robbie: True that, I used to skate together with Ingemar Backman (snowboard world champion)and a few other guys, and we totally ruled. We took our shit arround all europe on a few road trips and that was a blast. Coolest thing was that it was so natural, I woke up in the mornig and skated until night fall...No worries, no problems, just ride and be happy! Freddie used to rip the alps across europe during his pike as a snowboarder..
Freddie: Yeah, I had it all layed down for me back then..Sponsor deal, travel expences payed, endless energy and a competitive mind. Unfortunately I got badly injured during a 20ft drop...I was doing some photo stuff and thought I'd blast of big.It looked all so good from a distance, but as I passed the ledge, I tried to check the landing, but unfortunately all I could see was rock! Damn that was painful. It took me about 6 month's to recover from that wipe out...During that time I opened my own Skateboard/Snowboard shop called DRUGSTORE, just to stay on top of everything...and keep that high. It was pretty cool actually, down in a basement that used to be a freezing facility...with cool walls, and pipes everywhere..
Q: So what about today guys? Any Skate boarding nowadays?

Robbie: Yeah, I try to ride as soon as I get the chance, but unfortunately in that case, we don't really have that much time off..It's hard to stay on top of things if you don't get the time to practice and ride all the time..but we all have our skateboards with us when we tour and sometimes we even have some time to hang with our fans and visit some skatepark ...hehe
Freddie: Yeah the time to Skate is pretty much narrowed down to the spare time between loading and soundcheck..
Q: Does your Skateboarding / Snowboarding influence your music in any way?

Freddie: Well, ofcourse..growing up we used to listen to pretty much the same music as we play, we kinda live the life of the music we play, and our fans live the life of the music we play, so I guess you could say that..
Robbie: Yeah, second that.
Q: You guys were on the Vans Warped tour a few years back, any chance you might roll with that crowd again?

Freddie: Yeah, we were on the US leg of the tour, unfortunately we were unable to join up for the Australian leg, because of the upcoming Blink-182 tour. If Kevin Lyman, the guy who runs the tour wants us back, We'd be more that greatful. It's such a party man, all the bands, the crowds and the's just a killer!
Robbie: Yeah, we got all good memories from that tour...I remember Freddie passing out on philly. It was like 500 degrees hot, and all though we had tons of water on stage, Freddie got all dehydrated, and collapsed, fell back over the drums and passed out...
Freddie: Yeah, but only for a second or two..I was quick to recover..
Robbie: Yeah but it was passed out..hehe
Q: No bad memories at all?

Freddie: Yeah, there was this one time, in New York, we were getting ready to get on stage after one of the other bands..I won't say the name of the band though...any how..they were about to round up their show, and the moshpit was going crazy..all of a sudden the lead singer shouts to the crowd -"Hit the guy standing to the left of you"
and then it all just went off, the crowd went totally crazy, and one guy fell down to the ground..then EVERYONE started kicking his ass, stomping on his head..kicking him in the face, until the police and security showed up..Last thing I saw of that guy was the bloody mess they lifted into the back of the ambulance....
Robbie: Yeah, that shit was scary...I've never seen that kind of sick was fuckin' carnal...
Q: So what is next on the Wade agenda then?

Freddie: This last month we've been laying down some new tracks for our the album. June through July we just reherse and record, then we plan on visiting Australia in August, do some touring, learn how to surf and party on!
Robbie: Hell yeah, We'll bring the party to Australia, I guarantee you that!

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1. Cybergenic Rockstar Profile
2. Freak or a Star
3. That Same Girl
4. On and On
5. Crushin' Head On
6. Shout It Out
7. Fall On Down
8. 1999
9. Come Over
10. I Want It All
11. Grade On A Curve
12. Radio Case
13. Someone