Two Day Rule
When You're Ready

From punk-pop moments (Space) and the misleading intro of Odds & Ends that launches into an adrenaline-fuelled slice of power pop, and the comical yet twisted take on boy-meets-girl relationship of former single, Had a Good Thing, Two Day Rule could be England's answer to Blink-182.

The first revelation is Johnny & Loretta where the brakes are applied to usher in a piece of swing jazz that is like being transported back to an era where the attire is nothing short of smart and the venue is of grand proportions. Believing this?

Better Off Now leans toward a ska undercurrent laced with a chugging bass line and topped off with the more familiar trimmings of the TDR sound.

Imported from the UK
Price- $17.00

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1. Odds & Ends
2. No Doubt
3. Had A Good Thing
4. Do Everything Wrong
5. Space
6. Johnny & Loretta
7. Better Off Now
8. I'll Be Just Fine
9. Don't Believe In Fighting
10. Sympathetic
11. Are We Having Fun Yet?
12. About A Boy
13. Too Good To Be True