The Stand By Me
Don't Ever Change

Imported from Japan

THE STAND BY ME formed in north Japan. They play original pop songs based on 70's Punk, Power Pop and 60's music. They've been playing live from 1999 in clubs mostly in Tokyo.

In June 2001 THE STAND BY ME played with the 80's Mod revival band SMALL WORLD. In July of the same year, THE STAND BY ME played with the British Power Pop band FAST CARS. Still later, in Oct., they played with 70's Punk band THE CARPETTES.

THE STAND BY ME released their first single in October, 2001. This single was produced by Mr. Ozaki (singer of SAMANTHA'S FAVOURITE, TWEEZERS.) The sound that they have created is influenced by 70's Punk, Power Pop and 60's music.

However their songs are not only a revival, but also THE STAND BY ME's original genre. When we listen to their sound, we find power pop infused with a heartfelt emotion behind heated performances.

The Stand By Me hope that you'll agree.
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1. Teenage Frustration
2. Lonely Schooldays
3. Rave On You
4. Real Rock 'n' Roll
5. Listen To The Music
6. One More Time
7. Pinup Girl
8. Hello Tomorrow
9. Don't Ever Change
10. Get My Soul