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THE SOFT EYES debut album LET'S DANCE TO OUR OWN BEATS is what happens when three Swedish citizens, one girl and two boys, born in the 70's in three different northern cities, grew up in quite boring surroundings listening to cassette tapes of good and bad music, and then started playing music to fill our lives with something really meaningful and then meeting up in Stockholm realizing that we're all short-sighted, have the same thyroid disease, vote for the same party and happen to have the same idea of what kind of band to play in and then starting that band and finally make an album with it.

LET'S DANCE TO OUR OWN BEATS is eleven songs, spontaneously recorded on an eight track tape recorder at different apartments in Stockholm.
Our tape recorder broke down several times during the recordings. But we never gave up the hope for it, not even when it broke down during the few days went spent in a studio mixing the album.
The tape recorder is a Fostex R8 from the 80's. It's made out of black plastic and has white text and red numbers on the digital display. Guess it was quite expensive back then but its really cheap now on e-bay.

Enough about the R8 and back to more facts about the band:
The Soft Eyes are Linda Hörnqvist, Johan Sigerud and Daniel Värjö.
Some might say the band is a side project because Johan also plays with My Orchard, Linda with Marit Bergman, Daniel with The Concretes and Marit Bergman, but "side project" sounds so dull. We would like to say that it's just our band.
The kind of band we wanted to form when we met a couple of years ago is an easy going band, that plays with instruments you can carry, doesn't spend day after day rehearsing and that records the songs as soon as possible after they are written on whatever there's at hand. We want to capture the instant feelings of the songs. The limitations in time and equipment is a strength, we think.

THE SOFT EYES - Let's Dance To Our Own Beats - Imported from Sweden by

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Track Listing

1. One of a Kind
2. Love Power
3. Attitude Problems
4. Beautiful Future (for Katrina & Xavi)
5. Never the Last Time
6. When You Sleep
7. Blast From the Past
8. Me and the Others
9. Far
10. Central Station
11. Let Us All Act Psychotic