THE ROLL UPS: Low Dives for Highballs - Imported from Japan by

Lee Hart and Geoff Peters were about to give so much pleasure. These guys were real professionals. They had signed to Motown in the sixties as young men but they had never got off the ground because the label was more interest in someone called Stevie Wonder and also Martha and The Vandellas. They did support Steve wonder at the Rainbow theatre, in London, in 1968 with the first band they had which was called Turquoise that had a very psychedelic sound.

Then Lee and Geoff moved on to a glam rock sound in a band called My Cake, in not time they were supporting bands such as FRE, Edgar Broughton and Mott the Hoople. Their new management kept refusing records deals, waiting for the big one to appear. They then decided to get a new vocalist in the band, Bob England. This did not work out and so the band s-lit up. Bob became a pop manager and record company owner and made4 stars of Chas n Dave and the Darts. Finally, the band came together and they just about made it.

That moment didn't happen. But it almost did. In 1979, the roll Ups made a low dives album, and releases a single called Blackmail - included here.

Unfortunately, one mix-up followed another and unfortunately that album was never released until now.

But here it is. Get ready for great pop music with tinges of Motown and Glam Rock!

THE ROLL UPS: Low Dives for Highballs - Imported from Japan by

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Track Listing

1. Blackmail
2. Last Night
3. Where's The Money
4. It's Up To You
5. Slaughtered
6. Cover Girl
7. Sammy
8. Strange Love
9. Somebody Stole the Girl that Stole My Heart
10. Rolls-Ups Gave Me A Bad name
11. Hold On
12. Everybody's Got to Have a Hero
13. Blackmail
14. Slaughtered