Rita Lynch-All Dressed Up

Riding on the wave of much critical acclaim due to a healthy back catalogue of material and recent bout of successful solo performances, Rita Lynch is again at the forefront of Bristol's music scene with All Dressed Up.

With open wounds and a sound that recalls PJ Harvey's earlier works where vocals fall between intense rage and soothing beauty (Far Away) yet still bordering on a raw, jagged edge (I'll Never Let You Go) complemented by the frenetic and, when called upon, restrained musicianship of her band, Rita's latest, and best album-to-date definitely lives up to her live billing.

Imported from the UK
Price- $14.00



1. All Dressed Up
2. O God Above
3. My Man
4. Feels Like the End of the World
5. Delight
6. I'll Never Let You Go
7. Far Away
8. Solomons Lady
9. Jesus Converts
10. Over You
11. Cry in the Night
12. Beautiful Eyes