Redefine-The Daisychain Cycle

The Daisychain Cycle encapsulates a sound of excitement, honesty and urgency. It is clearly evident from the moment the laser hits the disc that the band hold nothing back; musically or lyrically.

Opening with a song that is brutal in sound as well as in sentiment, Boy Monkey sets us off for what will be an incredible musical journey. Songs rise and fall only to scramble back on their feet with a counter-attack as lead singer Pete Daplyn vents his spleen to quite dramatic effect. His beautifully intelligent manipulation of the English language makes the songs as enjoyable to dissect and analyse as it is to bounce about to on the dance floor.

Of course the whole package would not be complete without the versatile sounds of Ben Wong (guitars, synthesizers and samplers), who has been subtly experimenting with the Redefine sound with one or two electronic effects (notably the abstract doodles of Soap Star Coffee Drinker and 8==D), and the solid backing of earth shaking bass lines and inventive drumming.

Imported from the UK
Price- $14.00


1. Boy Monkey
2. Seven By Seven
3. This Time
4. Cypher
5. Soap Star Coffee Drinker
6. Solid State Effigy
7. Jennifer Cried
8. Arcade Machine
9. A-z of Chat-room Dating
10. 8===d
11. Andromeda
12. Daisychain