Private Dicks

Live at the Marquee

Blistering power pop with well written songs delivered in a frenzy that recalls the early 60's when people were really playing just for the fun of it. The Private Dicks are from Bath, England. Other influences include Smithereens, early Elvis Costello, early Stones, and even some Joe Jackson.

One of the tightest four piece pop bands you'll ever hear.

Members include:
Huw Davies - bass guitar and vocals
Mark Seabright - Drums and vocals
Paul Guiver - guitar
Gavin King - Vocals

Imported from Japan

Price- $14.00

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1. She said go
2. want some fun/private dicks
3. catalogue girls
4. forget the night
5. don't follow my lead
6. incest
7. green is in the red
8. you want it , you got it
9. Michael
10. take her back
11. do you remember
12. homelife
13. all i want is you
14. over and over