Princess Rock - Imported from Germany by

So we became Princess Rock.

But the story goes way back… All the way to the very beginning of this century when Sara and Henrik played in a band called Sister Ed. Sara was that spring called up on to sing at a big wedding and got introduced to a talented piano-player named Anna-Karin. All though it did take a few glasses of Champagne to convince her to come and play in her rock-band she showed up at the next band rehearsal and has never missed one since.

After a few years there was only the three of us left in the band. Even though we never gave it up, our rehearsals became less frequent and mainly consisted of coffee and cookie-breaks…

It was now the year 2003 and there was a heavy-metal guy named Pär who took the same classes as Sara at the University. He always took out his guitar at parties when the hour was late... He was pretty easy to snatch; he hadn’t played in a band for some time and “was up for almost anything”. He ended up a dedicated member from day one and showed the rest of us what rehearsals really were about.

By than we had a pretty interesting mix of musical backgrounds; Henrik was a punk-rocker, Sara came from rock/blues, Anna-Karin from classical music and now we completed our list of inspiration with heavy-metal! We all became really great friends and than our own music came along.

When we stated to create music together it was, and still is, about musical meetings. It’s never a one-man or woman-job in our band. We all contribute trough out the process and we rely on each others intuition; rest assured that those meetings will combine in a unique composition. And we are getting closer for each song…It may sound a bit pretentious, but we really aren’t… We are just so much better as a band than by our selves and have a lot more fun.

Special Bonus - Includes the Video for Feet Back On The Ground!

Princess Rock - Imported from Germany by

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1. Feet Back On The Ground
2. Hiding Downtown
3. Whatever Makes You Happy
4. Mine For Eternity
5. Something True
6. Until The Bitter End
7. Half A Woman
8. My Way (Hey, Hey)
9. Falling
10. Only In A Song
11. Pretentious Party
12. A Silence So Loud