Imported from Norway

Popium's newest release builds on their first two efforts. Related and yet somejhow going beyond! They mix the swagger of T. Rex with Oasis and Soundtrack Of Our Lives in some quieter spots, as well. Don`t know who the hell we`re talking about? Well, let`s just say there`s lots of razzle dazzle jangle, tuneful sensibility, a potent blend of blend of strength, beauty and substance and soaring, absolutely gloriously jangling guitars. They blend a cool, crisp, calculated edge to their pure pop influences to create a powerful, arguable masterpiece in the genre of jangle-pop.

Price- $17.00

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1. Matters of the Heart
2. (I wanna go to) California
3. Camp
4. Mining for Gold
5. Out in the Sun
6.Suits my Soul
7 SupersunnyDayParade
8. Sooner or Later
9. Smudge
10. These Days