Phonic-Crossed The Line

There's still someone out there who's taken the trouble to salute their influences and still come up with something fresh. Something urgent, worthwhile and yet totally against the grain of the current pop status quo.
Phonic are four. And what a life affirming, screwed down tight sound they make. But it's the core that makes them that extra bit special.
Shane Lee Roynon (magnificent, reckless, explosive guitarist and singer) and Maudie Lowe (Telecaster swinging, gorgeous purring glamour puss with a scratch you won't forget. Haven't seen her? Imagine if the Baader Meinhoff gang got Vogue's production office to design their recruitment posters).

Imported from the UK

Price- $14.00



Gum Drop
Crossed The Line
Code Veronica
Close The Door
Blue & Grey
Follow Me
Walk Away
Take A Piece Of Me