Penniless - Anola

Imported from Sweden

Our history, worth telling, began 1991. Penniless People of Bulgaria (later Penniless) had made a totally boring record in 1990, and a record company we were on at that time sucked. The solution was a new singer and a record company of our own. Penni Records was born. The first Penni Records release was Penniless CD Cake, released 1.1.1993. It was quite simple album with funny sounds and production. Still some people liked it. A few hundred copies were sold; probably all in Nakkila, Finland, a little community where we come from.

The second album Mould (1994) opened the doors outside Nakkila and Finland. Mould was released in the whole Europe and in Japan. It's been sold some thousands, and not only because it came out in Japan. It was the first time our CD sold better abroad than in Finland! Some people have said that Mould was the best album released in Finland that year.

We spent almost one year in the studio making our third album Velocity (1996). It's been released in Scandinavia by A West Side Fabrication and in the rest of Europe by Intercord with which we also signed a contract for four albums including Velocity. A West Side Fabrication released also a single for a song Motorhead in January 1996. Penni Records, of course, released Velocity in Finland. The Penniless CD-selling grows logarithmically, so you can calculate how worldwide Velocity's distribution is...

In spring '96 we went on a tour in Europe with American band Mucky Pup. It was our first tour outside candinavia, both long and great. Played 49 gigs in 12 countries (22 000 km !), but Bulgaria wasn't included. Pity, cause none of us have been there.

In summer '96 Ichiban/Altered Records released a promo single Velocity/Weightless and album Velocity was unleashed 30th July 1996. This happened in U.S.A. Velocity was released also in Thailand and Malaysia July 1996.

In summer '97 the band decided to shorten Penniless People of Bulgaria to Penniless. Penniless also introduced a new member, Ossi. He's the third Alisaari-brother in the band. So we've got three guitars now!

The 4th Penniless-album Joe was released 30. March 1998. The first single was Avalanche. After release of Joe we had a tour in Scandinavia with a Swedish band Tommy Sixteen. During the tour we dropped in to a studio for two days to record our version of Eva Dahlgren's song Sommarbarn for Radio Extreme's Sommarhits -compilation album. Sommarbarn -song is also released in Cyberhand-EP.

In summer '98 we played in Roskilde-festival, the biggest rock-festival in Northern Europe.

The single Beautiful vs. Cage was released 13th of September 1999. Beautiful-video can be seen on MTV Nordic / Alternative Nation on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 00.00 CET.

We had a small tour in Germany in September 1999. After that we went to studio for several months. As a result, the 5th Penniless album, titled Anola, was released in Scandinavia on the 12th of February 2001. The hit single is called Adam's Apple Pie.

Penniless - Anola - imported from Sweden. Check out All Good Things Come To those Who Wait, also by Penniless.

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1. Black Crows
2. Beautfiul
3. Adam's Apple Pie
4. Never Forget You
5. Beauty of Dreaming
6. Imbecile
7. My Points
8. Heaven Is A Lie
9. Save
10. Addicted
11. Summer
12. Lullabies