Coming Home from Mayflower

Imported from Sweden

MAYFLOWER are five guys from Motala in Sweden.

MAYFLOWER is an acoustic/rock band with influences from Tom Petty to Mellencamp and a great deal of Eagles. Strong harmonies and acoustic instruments gives the music a lot of soul.

The line-up:
Rickard Hjertz, lead vocals
Roger Karlsson, guitars
Christer Pettersson, guitars
Thomas Schön, drums
Roger Persson, bass

Harmony lives!

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1. Red Roses
2. Bitter Taste
3. Comin Home
4. Need a Little Lovin'
5. Time To Move On
6. Ready To rumble
7. My Girl
8. Restless Kind
9. Between a Laugh and a Tear
10. Steaming Train
11. Better Days
12. Highway
13. Heart is Doing time
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