Mass Produktion

Imported from Sweden.

Twenty years of Mass Produktion - one of Sweden's leading independent labels.

We wanted to do something special for our 20th birthday. It would have been easy to do a "best of" and add some unreleased stuff. But we are not interested in easy solutions.

Therefore we embarked on a interesting and exciting project. All the existing and active bands of the label were going to record a cover of, either the old bands on the label, or one of the other active bands. We also searched ad found eight of our since long time split upbands. They were to record one of their unreleased or forgotten songs.

All bands got one day in the studio to record the songs. It started in July when My Orchard and Left Hand Solution went in to the Nevo studio in Sundsvall and was followed by nine hectic days with Rasta Hunden, The Shades of Orange, Rummet, Garmarna, The Confusions, The Kristet Utseende, Krämen, Giraffer & Andra Saker and Jezebel. During early September Krunch, Avant Gaam, Mine, The $1000 Playboys and Vacum went into FirstTake Studio and Decibel in Stockholm. The results have overwhelmed us.
Price- $15.00


Artists & Songs

1. The Confusions - Possession - Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
2. Vacum - Scream
3. The Shades of Orange - To Weak To be Sober
4. The $1000 Playboys - I Said Yes-Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
5. Garmarna - Rastos
6. Mine - Time- Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
7. Rasta hunden - Nojan
8. Rummet (incl. Gina Jacobi) - Tunga Tarar
9. Krunch - Stryk - Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
10. Avant Gaam - - Förlorad i dej
11. Left Hand Solution - Nowhere To Go - Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
12. Krämen, Giraffer & Andra Saker - I Said Yes
13. The Kristet Utseende - A Krunch Medley -Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post
14. Jezebel - Allans Polska
15. Brända Barn (Red Mecca remix) - Allt står i frågor
16. My Orchard - Spöket Laban -Artist Cd also carried by Listening-Post