Madnomad- Tamper Evident

Released April 7 2003 through Sugarshack and distributed in the US by Listening-Post Music. Sick of tinned pop?
Shelf upon shelf of barely distinguishable generic off-cuts and by-product all bearing that unmistakably rank taste of gloopy, melodious, loss-leading muck. Reading this at the start of 2003 and already feel bloated by this year's diet of haircut bands mincing around under the banner of the nu-wave of the blow wave?

Thrown together in the dark, possibly satanic even, pop mills of Bristol comes a different kind of product. But this time it arrives with no guarantee to offer a solution, this is one debut that definitely, defiantly, doesn't do what it says on the tin. Grab yourself a can opener, then, and come gorge on Madnomad's deliciously evil concoction of skewered beats, sinister electronic balladeering and mind blowingshakedowns.

Imported from the UK

Price - $14.00

Track Listing

1. Direct Evidence Against Uniqueness
2. It Is This
3. Ad Nauseum
4. Tamper Evident
5. Let's Kill The Pig
6. Love Is Sometimes Colder Than Ice
7. The Drunkard's Song
8. Period
9. Thanx
10. 35 Summers
11. 2 Peter 2:22
12. Longest Road
13. Gun Of Sod