LeGrand - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

The Story So Far...

Under the name Hype, the band that was to become Le Grand played at Malmöfestivalen 2000 in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Fabian, the younger brother of Martin, had now replaced Mats on guitar. Pretty soon a new studio was found at Kajplats 305 which the band shared with Smartalec. Finally, a place of their own where they could create and play their own music. The rumour started spreading about a good band rehearsing in one of the many studios at Kajplats 305 and the manager who claimed to have walked by when the band played and thought that it sounded awesome, asked if they wanted a gig. LeGrand played at Kajplats together with among others, Sugarpaved Honeys.

During the summer of 2002, LeGrand was asked to fill the slot of The Models at Södra Kverrestad Open, a very alternative music festival arranged in the midst of the beautiful landscape in the south of Sweden. Outside the small town of Tomelilla in front of about 30 people and, as rumour has it, a few cows, LeGrand blasted the open countryside with their music. It was simply one of those breath-taking Swedish summer nights. You should have been there.

Under strange circumstances or a twist of fate, call it what you like, one of the band's demos came into the hands of Anders "Theo" Theander, the owner of the recording studio and management company RoastingHouse Productions who really liked what he heard. After a meeting with representatives of Roasting House, the song "Calling You" was put on their compilation disc and spread to record companies worldwide. After really positive feedback, RoastingHouse signed the band and the recording of the debut album was started and is now completed.

A brilliant debut album with a lot of pop rock energy and hitsongs !

Anders Tillaeus - Vocals and guitar - Fredrik Tillaeus - Keyboards - Sinisa Krnjaic - Bass
- Fabian Lundgren - Guitar - Martin Lundgren - Drums

This CD also features a bonus video of One Quick Look.
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Track Listing

1. One Quick Look
2. o.t.m.
3. Bugbear
4. Calling You
5. You Are Not The Highlight of My Life
6. What Are You Waiting For
7. Fall with Me
8. Heartless
9. Deep Mode
10. Nothing to Lie About
11. Letting Go
12. Accidents