Kathy Snyder

Kathy Snyder is a talented singer/songwriter who has been writing and playing acoustic guitar for years. She is a storyteller who is "Finally..." here with her debut CD. The twelve tracks will take you on a musical journey through life's circle of lust, love, and heartbreak. Her versatility will keep you guessing; from her rocking track "Do You Burn", her bluesy signature song "One Chance", to her ballad "Until I See You Again", this CD has something to offer any music lover. "My Little Girl" was originally written by Kathy for her sister's wedding. Little did she know at the time how poignant this song would be, as the sudden death of her father came just four days after his last dance with his daughter.

Kathy writes about what she has lived. She has experienced life from both ends of the spectrum; from the joy and hype of entertaining thousands at venues to the desperation of fighting a winning battle against cancer. Kathy has so much to teach and so much to share through her lyrics. You cannot help but be inspired by her words and her music.

Price- $13.00

1. Do You Burn?
2. He Sent You
3. Pick a Song
4. Once Chance
5. My Little Girl
6. Have You Ever Loved Someone
7. I Already Know
8. That's What Love Is
9. She's Everything
10. Till I see You Again
11. She's a Lover
12. Just Let Me


Or to hear the tunes, you can click here - http://cdbaby.com/cd/kathysnyder