Jess Yawn


Jesse Yawn is the real deal. One of the finest blusmen to come out of the twentieth century, he is still going strong today. Ahile mostly performing in the mid-atlantic region, Jesse and his musicmen graced the stage at the 2004 king biscuit blues festival and several festivals in Europe.
T his cd features David Maxwell on keyboards, Jerry Portnoy on harmonica, as well as the fabulous chicago horns. Ahighly reviewed album. it drew accolades from many music critics and musicians.

'a rare treat... the man is for real.' -- Bernad 'pretty' Purdie

'cool and funky...can't get funkier than this.' -- John Lee Hooker

Price - $13.00



1. I got the blues
2. to share my love
3. hey meola
4. sweeter as the years go by
5. brand new dance
6. sittin' & wonderin'
7. don't try to change me
8. catch me when i fall
9. i am the wolf
10. forever more