Jazz Unit featuring Gary Thomas - Yaqui

Imported from Sweden

On this album, Jazz Unit brought in the talents of renowned tenor saxophone player Gary Thomas. Here Gary shows why he is regarded to be one of the best players in modern jazz. His characteristic sound, mixing traditional elements with new exiting flavours, brings an extra dimension to the recording. The record contains original material from band leader Niclas Höglind and covers from various composers. Don't miss it!

Over ONE HOUR of music!

Imported from Sweden

Price- $17.00


. The Eternal Triangle
2. Get On With It
3. Yaqui
4. You Don't Know What Love Is
5. Desert Oases
6. I Hear A Rhapsody
7. Lament
8. C. S.
9. Yesterdays
10. Railroad Hotel

To hear songs, click here - http://cdbaby.com/cd/jazzunit3