Jazz Unit - Bridges - featuring Tim Hagans, Hakan Brostrom, Leni Stern and Mitchel Forman.

Imported from Sweden

Featuring Mitchel Forman, Tim Hagans, Leni Stern and Håkan Broström. A record that provides a nice blend of different moods and sounds. From the impressive tone excursions of LA based keyboardist Mitchel Forman to the mellow, reflective, performances of guitarist/vocalist Leni Stern, this album reflects a wide musical spectrum. Here jazz Unit really shows that they know how to pick their collaborators and that they are awesome players themselves.

Imported from Sweden

Price- $17.00


1. Speedy
2. The Wall and Mr. Nelson
3. Sunday Song (for Sara)
4. Wondering Why
5. Patience
6. You Won't Forget Me
7. Low Rider
8. Jericho Walls
9. Love Lightly
10. The Flow

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