Hacke Bjorksten with Jazz Unit and Vocalist Sara Hoglind
Imported from Sweden

If you say the name "Gunnar Bjorksten" no one will know whom you're talking about. But if you say "Hacke Bjorksten" you will put a smile on people's faces who know jazz, because he has become Hacke with jazz people all over the world.

Over the years many of us have danced to his-always-great sounding orchestra. Hacke is a living legend, however, he is NOT some old relic gone half asleep. No, he is still very much a working inspiring musician and composer, with more energy in his musicianship than ever before. He is still the positive, engaging and competent musician that, with the help of his spirited persona, always manages to make audiences feel welcome and as though they are actually included in his performances. This, whether its a concert with a jazz group in the 21st century Blekinge(a region in Sweden), a solo performance in Carnegie Hall, New York or an album like the one you're hopefully going to buy! Hacke has played just about everywhere and with a group of international stars such as Stan Getz, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Lee Konitz, to name just a few.

Hacke's vibrant personality is also displayed in his characteristic, if not to say charismatic, count offs that keep band members on their toes. He demands full attention from his fellow musicians-in return he gives everything of himself. Therefor it is a great pleasure to present this CD with all compositions signed Hacke Bjorksten. The CD is a blend of tunes with different temperaments. Here we find beautiful ballads, wild jazz themes, folk inspired melody lines and even circus music! All played however, with Hacke's jazz heritage as solid foundation.

Some of the tracks include vocal performances. Sara Hoglin is a vocalist who beautfiuly interprets Bjorksten's music and the gifted lyrics of Dave Castle. The great vocal arrangements by Niclas Hoglin, also constitute a glimmering link between the soloists and ensemble.

Featuring - Hacke Bjorksten - tenor saxophone; Robert Tjaderkvist-Piano; Niclas Hoglind - guitars; Peter Janson-Bass; Kristofer Johansson-drums; Hakan Caesar-Saxophone; C-G Bjerding-trumpet; Olle Lind - trombone;Sara Hoglind - Vocals


Price- $17.00

1. Blue Cat
2. Improvise
3. Samba Caramba
4. Gratitude (the Rest Is Silence)
5. Horse Power
6. Polska fran Gemala
7. The Sweeter Side of Life
8. Hard Bop's Night
9. Five Past Four
10. The Real Thing
11. Just As Simple as That
12. Jag vill va' har
13. Tango frenesi
14. Open Mind

To hear a song, click here - http://cdbaby.com/cd/jazzunit5