Green - Life

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After working with several rock e progressive bands in the area of Florence, Italy, (Bad Blues Band, Bad Toys, Airspeed, Time Escape, Diaframma) Fabrizio Pieraccini, Guido Melis, Michele and Giovanni Fanfani formed Green during September 1998.

Brought together by a common passion for rock, Green began a very intense live activity, offering during their concerts a kind of tribute to the great bands of rock history. The list of bands which they have mostly been influenced by and which they have grown-up with includes: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd and many others.

Gig after gig, Green have developed their own sound and in the meantime have matured the need to write and perform their own music which developed into a very ambitious and fascinating concept album entitled "Life".

Taking inspiration from the incredible amount of ideas offered by everyday life, Green have tried to tell something which really has to do with themselves, the reality around them, just as they see and live it every day, through the story of the main character of "Life": Mr. Kite.His will to live and to go on, no matter what he finds on his path; his strong will to keep feeling the world alive inside of him: these are the feelings constantly clashing with his darkest moments, where torment and restlessness attack him violently; where boredom, depression and a continuous lack of satisfaction seem to have the better of him.

Like a kite in the sky he endlessly follows the flow which keeps him up; Mr. Kite doesn't give up and in the end decides to keep fighting, to keep betting on this fascinating and wonderful adventure: Life!"We like to sing about the highs and lows: the central experiences most people go through in their daily life as reflected in Mr. Kite's adventures", says drummer Michele Fanfani. "We're very spiritual, so there's a lot of hope in our music", adds singer and guitar maestro Fabrizio Pieraccini.

Beginning with the ethereal landscape portrayed in the instrumental opener "The Wind Of Love", Green wastes no time defining their musical boundaries: airy melodies, masterful arrangements (finely wrought by keyboardist extraordinaire Giovanni Fanfani and Pieraccini's guitarwork), pulsating rhythms (courtesy of drummer Michele Fanfani and bass player Guido Melis), sharp lyrics and Fabrizio Pieraccini's expressive vocals.Life, with close to ONE HOUR of music, includes the following collection of viscerally melodic tracks:

The Wind Of Love (part I)
Mr. Kite
I Gotta Run
The Work
Cycling In The Rain
All Is Ok
The Storm Inside
Can You Feel The World
I Still Love...
The Wind Of Love (part II)


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1. The Wind Of Love
2. Mr. Kite
3. Conscience
4. I Gotta Run
5. The Work
6. Escape
7. Cycling in the Rain
8. Sometimes
9. All Is OK
10. The Storm Inside
11. Can You Feel The World
12. I Still Love
13. The Wind of Love (reprise)

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