Funk Service International - A Post Modern Life

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Launched in 2001 by the Skellefteå-based producer team Adil Fadi & Jonas Persson, Funkservice International acts as a hub for modern music based on Nu Jazz, Nu Soul and World Music.

Adil, from Casablanca, Morocco, and Jonas, from Skellefteå, Sweden, had both spent a great deal of time doing solo work with various styles of music. In 2001 they decided to combine their skills and experiences to create an exciting hybrid between different musical styles.

The result became an eclectic and groovy blend of Jazz, Lounge, Soul and World Music. The fusion of different musical influences and cultures is the basic idea behind Funkservice International - 21:st century music with a relaxed attitude.


In resemblance to acts like Blacknuss and Massive Attack, Funkservice International consists of a main core together with a collective of musicians. Bass players, guitarists, vocalists etc. join whenever needed. At live performances, Funkservice International transforms into a Sound System with up to 12 people included.
These are some of the musicians we have been fortunate to work with so far:

Current Line Up:

Adil Fadi - Producer/keys/Percussino
Kajsa Karlsson - Vocals
Arne Jonasson - Guitar
Jakob Forslund - Bass
Magnus Persson - Drums
Jakob Lenberg - Trumpet

Anton Johansson - Guitar
Ida Lindberg - Vocals
Marie Burlin - Vocals
Peter Melender - Drums
Peter Löwgren - Bass
Evelina Hägglund - Vocals
Olle Thoors - Flute
Johan Ivansson - Bass
Jim Barrett - Digeridoo
Anna Lafvas Thoors - Vocals
Judth Batha - Vocals
Joakim Lingren - Drums
Simon Lundin - Drums/Percussion

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Track Listing

1. Life Is Good
2. Theme (from the Smoking Detective)
3. Camel Ride
4. Fsi 23-7
5. Brown Sugar
6. Five/four
7. Painful Day
8. Robinet
9. Rastafari Karma Space Dub
10. To Survive Another Day