Final Frontier - High Tension Wire

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A creation of destiny. Rob and Mladen have been friends for over 15 years. The experience and skill of this songwriting collaboration speaks for itself. They have been writing music together for over 10 years, both strongly committed to their separate projects such as, (Rob) MORATTI and a solo career ROB MORATTI. (Mladen) VON GROOVE, TRIUMPH and 24K. With such busy schedules and lifestyles, they always kept a close call and were never too far away. They new it was a matter of time before creating a band they could finally call their own, filled with great songs and melodies.

Finally after a decade of hard work and experience they have come together to form FINAL FRONTIER! They knew that chemistry is the cause of a great record. They didn't realize just how much chemistry FINAL FRONTIER had created.

The recent addition of LAWRENCE FALCOMER of SONIC X has propelled the band to new heights, giving just enough edge to complete the melodic sound experience that is FINAL FRONTIER. The band's third album "High Tension Wire" is the band's debut on Frontiers Records.

Think majestic vocals complemented by soaring guitar lines that complete the arrangements but don't crowd the beauty of the song.

ROB MORATTI: Lead Vocals and All Background Vocals.
MLADEN: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitar and Keyboards..

Tracklisting: High Tension Wire; Two Different Worlds; Angel of the Lake; Beauty and the Beast; Hearts on Fire; Hollywood Drama; Sunset at Dawn; Something More Than This; Who's Going to Love You Now; Listen to Your Heart; Half Way Home; Let Me Be The One (bonus track)

Imported from Italy by Listening-Post Music.

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1. High Tension Wire
2. Two Different Worlds
3. Angel of the Lake
4. Beauty and The Beast
5. Hearts on Fire
6. Hollywood Drama
7. Sunset At Dawn
8. Siomething More To this
9. Who's Gonna Love You Now
10. Listen To Your Heart
11. Let Me Be the One