The Fans
You Don't Live Here Anymore

Imported from Japan

The Fans were formed in 1978 by George Smith (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Robert Williams (lead guitar), Barry Cook (Vocals, bass) and Tony Bird (Vocals and drums). The Bristol, England music scene was humming at the time and The Fans very quickly became not only one of the city's premier bands but also one of the premier bands in the UK.

The band was enthralled by the same vision of creating quality songs at a speed which reflected the genre of the time and their drugs of choicer (cocaine and speed). The principal songwriter was George who had already enjoyed chart success with his earlier band - George and the Dragons. Robert had already had considerable success with the Bristol band Uncle Po, whose members included Gavin King on vocals (later to form the Private Dicks band - also imported by Listening-Post Music) and Helen O'Hara (later to join Dexy's Midnight Runners).

The Fans' first single was released in 1979 on the newly formed Fried Egg record label -Giving Me That look backed with Stay The Night and the band's version of the Jim Reeves' song - He'll Have To Go: Following considerable success, their second single was released on Fried Egg in 1980 with the songs You Don't Live Here Anymore and Following You. At this time the band secured a major publishing deal but internal frictions about musical direction caused the band to split.

The Fans were never elated with their studio recordings, preferring the sound obtained when they played live. The live songs on this CD were recorded at the Bristol Rock venue Crockers during January 1980. Although the sound is not high fidelity, it certainly captures the raw energy, tightness, quality musicianship and wonderful songs that The Fans were playing at the time.
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1. Give Me That Look In Your Eyes
2. Stay The Night
3. He'll Have To Go
4. You Don't Live Here Anymore
5. Following You
6. Stay The Night (demo)
7. Loving You Is All I Wanna Do
8. Seventeen
9. On A Scale of 1-10
10. Come On Over Tonight
11. You Used to Be(But you're not my girlfriend now)
12. True Love
13. You Set Me Up
14. One Way Or Another
15. Like Or Not
16. Daydreamer
17. Killing Feeling