Eytan Mirsky
Everyone's Having Fun Tonight

Power pop party music - Best known for songs in the films, “The Tao of Steve” and “Happiness.” These tunes, including the cult fave “(I Just Wanna Be) Your Steve McQueen, combine humor and hummability in a manner reminiscent of Nick Lowe, Jonathan Richman, and Elvis Costello. See why New York Newsday gave this album an “A+.”

Check out Get Ready For Eytan and Was It Something I Said ,too.

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Track Listing:
1. She's Looking Better
2. Why Does It Have to Be That Way?
3. Everyone's Having Fun Tonight
4. Happiness
5. This Song
6. If You Wanna Save the World
7. Bad Bad Luck
8. Don't Gimme That Look
9. American Splendor
10. A Hundred Times a Day
11. Let's Just Start With Goodbye
12. What's Wrong With You?
13. Make You Feel Good
14. Hairy Situation
15. The Only Present I Want This Year
16. Reciproco