The Donkeys

Monkey Business

Pop Punk from Classic Four piece guitar band with three part harmony vocals from the North of England.


Price - $17.00

01. What I want
02. Four letters
03. No way
04. You jane
05. Don't go
06. Living legend
07. Let's float
08. Strike talk
09. Listen to youyr radio <DONKEES>
10. Watched by everyone <DONKEES>
11. Monkey business*
12. Late viewing*
13. Love in a laundewrette*
14. Shipwreck*
15. Orwell's town*
16. Attitude dancing*
17. Western education*


The Donkeys

A band born during the heady years of punk and new-wave ion Great Britain. Released five singles on four different labels with a great style of guitar pop! Japanese only release and fans of the late 70`s skinny tie power pop will rejoice. The Donkeys Cd contains the power packed 7" singles that power pop collectors covet and always drooled at the prospect of hearing a full album of more material. this CD has 17 songs with 7 totally unreleased! Fans the Titan Records style of power popwill like this`s more(Gary Charlson, Arlis, etc.), but you`ll hear plenty of faves like The Records, Starjets, early Undertones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam, The Jolt and such ilk