Bon by Darcy - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Like many acts imported by Listening Post Music, we saw something special in the Skellefteå band Darcy. Formed in 97 and in the summer of 98 saw the beginning of their live performances that just happened to be at the famous Trästock festivalen Skellefteå.

Later that year Darcy entered a music competition Popfesten. And as predicted by lead singer, they walked away with first prize. An all-expense paid recording of a CD-EP.

The EP "mobile minds", produced by Kjell Nästén at Rumble Road Studios was released in July just in time for another appearance at Trästock festivalen 99.

Two of the songs, "Crush" and "set free" found their way on to the play lists of Swedish National Radio (Sveriges Radio p3).

The following year in May, darcy re-entered the Studios where Kjell Nästén engineered the recording of their next single. "Perfect" which was released in July and become a hit on radio. As did their following single "How About Me". Once again Swedish National Radio p3 spun darcy on heavy rotation. "How About Me" was played on radio from summer to winter 2001.

One album and three videos later darcy and it just keep getting better.

The fourth single first video "the trick" was released in February 2002 and several radio stations frequently played the song.

The next two videos had high rotation on Z TV and MTV. Up North

Once again their friend and well-respected engineer Kjell Nästén work closely with darcy to produce the extravaganza of "Bon".

Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music -

Price - $17.00


1. How About Me
2. False Alarm
3. Casino
4. Deliver Me From Pain
5. This Time
6. The Trick
7. Stay
8. Got To Be
9. Favourite Day
10. This is 1