Confusions - Don't Let The World Catch You Crying

The Just Released EP from The Confusions

Many of you have already heard of the Confusions as their most recent CD, Trampoline has done quite well.
T he video for the new single"Don't Let The World Catch You Crying" can be found at the following link:

Price- $8.00

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The new EP contians four songs:

1. Don't Let The World Catch You Crying
2. Younger Than Yesterday
3. Blue Kind of Grey
4. Long Gone

"This four song EP is taken from the Swedish groups sessions for their upcoming 2005 album. The title track "Don't Let The World Catch You Crying" is a chip off the pure pop block that Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and U2 have recently made so omnipresent on alternative format radio stations: plaintive vocals, piano codas that rise from the crash of crispy clean guitar riffs, and simple beats all coalesce to drive towards "true" emotion." - Peter Funk, Stylus Magazine

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