The Confusions - 5 AM Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

"5 am"... a truly fantastic album!
After a EP trilogy it finally time for The Confusions fifth album 5 AM.

The first EP/video Window from the forthcoming album managed to stay seven weeks in the MTV Up North chart and also stayed many weeks on the Nordic Video Chart in Finland.
The second Don't let the world catch you crying got lot of rotation on ZTV and on national radio in the Nordic countries. The third video and EP Imagination - is still on rotation on Swedish ZTV.
The fifth album is the band's most energetic record focusing on the songs. It tries to catch the essence of the songs without too many over dubs. It has become an album which is really direct and it hits you at once.
5 AM is released is Sweden on the 15th of February and in March in the rest of the Nordic Countries. Listening Post Music in the USA and Canada released the album on February 21.

THE CONFUSIONS have now established a reputation as one of Sweden's cleverest pop exports. A fistful of fine albums has more than convinced any doubters.

Their "Trampoline" album released in September 2002 is an outstanding album. It features the stunning single "The Pilot", which hit number one on MTV's Up North chart and the song got a lot of attention from outside Scandinavia. The album was released in Japan, Taiwan, USA/Canada by Listening Post and "The Pilot" was released in France.
The Evening Telegraph wrote "Add these guys to the list of superb Swedish bands. They Borrow from the past (60s Britpop, Bowie) without the self consciousness of their Anglo Saxon peers".

The Confusions are great fun, but thoughtful at the same time. Not confusing at all, when you think about it.

Mikael Andersson-Knut, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter.
Guitars: Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Telecaster
Amps: Fender Bassman + speaker 12" and 8", Musicman 4x10 combo
Acoustic guitars: Simon & Patrick, Hohner
Favorite pedals and stuff: Tubescreamer, Rat, Super Overdrive, Small Stone, E-bow, Roland Space Echo...etc
Listens to: Interpool, Wilco, Air, Bowie, The Beatles, BRMC, Silverbullit + much more.

Zarah Edström, keyboards and background singing, vegetarian.
A member of the band since the start in the early 90's.
Vintage keyboards: Korg Polysix, Korg Trident
Pianos: Wurlitzer, Piano
Keyboards: Korg MS-2000, Nord Lead 2, Kurzweil K-2000 etc
Organs: Philicorda
Favorite pedals and stuff: Line 6 echo pedal and my accordion.
Listens to: My favorite song is the theme from "The Persuaders" by John Barry. Other favoritesare David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Monica Zetterlund, ABBA and Depeche Mode

Mattias Löfström, drummer, born and raised in Sundsvall, Sweden.
...I love my Ludwig drumkit from 1967 and I take care of with a lot of compassion. I bought my first drumkit when I was 16 for 600 Swedish Crowns (around $65).
Drum kits: Ludwig "Black Oyster" 1967, Premier "Brit Pop".
Favorite pedals and stuff: my Korg sampler, my tablas...
Listens to: Bjork, Rufus Wainwright

Henrik Svensson, guitarplayer
I joined the band as a guitarist in 1998 right after the Six-O-Seven album had been released. But I also earlier toured with The Confusions as a stage/guitar technician.
Guitars: Fender Jaguar, Epiphone Les Paul
Amps: Frender top and 2x12 speakers
Pedals and stuff: Big Muff, Marshall Guv'nor, my octave pedal and my Boss delay.

Magnus Thorsell, bass
Bass: Fender Precision Bass 1978.
Pedals and stuff: Sansamp bass pedal, can't do without i.
Listens to: The Who, The Doors.
Best memory with the band An evening at "Parken" in Sundsvall 1999, when over 2000 tickets had been sent out for a special evening with union members, four people showed up that night but we delivered a hell of a show.

The Confusions - 5 AM Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

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1. It's A Miracle
2. Imagination (video included)
3. Silver
4. Window (video included)
5. Artifical
6. Don't Let the World Catch You Crying (video included)
7. 5 AM
8. How Do You Sleep
9. Satellites for Sales
10. Don't You Know