Cofield Mundi

Cofield Mundi, a name and voice fast becoming as distinct in respected music circles as that of Sarah Mclachlan, Natalie Merchant or Sharleen Spiteri.
American Joe Massot, director of Pilaar, the now late creator of “Wonderwall”, noticed her. “He told me I reminded him of Eva Cassidy and wanted me to sing a rendition of “Autumn Leaves” as well as two of my own songs for the soundtrack of his son’s forthcoming movie. A few days later we were in Studio Two at Abbey Road,” Mundi recalls.

They recorded three songs for the film that day and before Cofield left, she was offered the opportunity to record an entire album’s worth of material. Äashish Kahn and ironically George Harrison were all set to play on the record but Cofield wasn’t entirely happy with the arrangement offered to her. “A week later I was back home in SA and declined Joe`s offer over the phone. Call me crazy, but I did what my heart told me to.”

Benjy Mudie, founder and MD of Fresh Music, SA is the one to whom Cofield has finally entrusted her vision.

“Ceremony” is a debut album that most artists spend a lifetime trying to achieve. From the opening starkness of “Leave the bones” it’s clear to the listener that they are in for something special. Cofield`s achingly heartfelt vocals sung over a wonderfully acoustic melange of guitar, violin and harmonies touch the soul. The album’s first radio single “River” is a slice of jangly pop heaven with a catchy chorus that sticks in your head. The perfect musical soundtrack is without doubt “Count me out”. A trippy spare backbeat that echoes Massive Attack, suspended grand piano topped with Co`s poignant vocal, a tale of innocence lost that is earmarked as the album’s second single. And Cofield can rock too as evidenced by the searing guitar crash of “Give it up” and the Delta slide acoustic countryesque blues of “Forgive me “. The dark horse however is “Trust yourself” that convincingly marries pop and dance.

Cofield Mundi`s “Ceremony” is an intoxicating album filled with stunning songs that have universal appeal and is a testament to an artist whose time has thankfully come.

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Imported from South Africa

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1. Leave The Bones
2. River
3. Count Me Out
4. Blueboy
5. Trust Yourself
6. Days
7. Back To This
8. Give It Up
9. Shine
10. Got
11. I Feel
12. Forgive Me