Cléan - Universal Language

They're a serious proposition, on record and live; writing intelligent, complex but strikingly simple music that's built them a large, loyal following who righteously dig Cléan's patois of the beats, melodies and crunching, heart-tearing choruses you'll hear on the likes of the killer, 'Poor Young Man' the pounding ' Everything' and swooning yet seething, 'Vendetta'.

This is a press release. So join us in comparison corner where the late, great Deus are in deep discussion with, Sparklehorse, Ride and Oasis while Eels are skulking in the corner ready to…

Hell, forget about it. Basically here's a magical anglo-European car crash that's resulted in some truly moving music that ripples invention and originality. If you want to make comparisons, write your own press release.

Price - $16.00

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Track Listing

1. leave me alone
2. take over
3. just to see
4. poor young man
5. get some rest
6. easy
7.the spirit
8. feed my eyes
9. everything
11.window games
12. c'mon

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