Charizma - Life in 3D

Imported from Sweden

Charizma is an experienced live band of 5 that has toured all over the world including USA, Australia, UK and Europe.Band members include Bo Nikolausson, Jan Nikolausson, Goran Nikolausson, Thomas Karlsson and Johan Mauritzson. Their music features breath taking harmonies against a rish backdrop of finely crafted pop melodies.

During late summer Charizma released the single "Waiting (here for you)" from the album "Life in 3D" . The single went to top 3 on the Swedish singles chart and was picked for some of Sweden's biggest compilations in 2003. The band has recently released the second single from their album, titled "Where Do you Go? The song has already received a lot of airplay on radio stations all over Sweden. During 2004 and 2005 Charizma will focus on touring in Europe.

Price- $17.00


1. Waiting (Here For You)
2. Mercy
3. Shout It Out
4. One Step Away
5. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
6. Here and Now
7. Where Do You Go
8. Leaving It All Behind
9. New Day Coming
10. Out of the Shadows
11. Thank God
12. Made To Last

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