Burek V - Make Up - imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music

Burek v, or rather their album "make up" mentioned as one of 2005´s best picks by expressen/sonic/la musik/rootsy.nu journo lennart persson, along with amongst others, eve and the last waltz ! (for their new stellar 7" then we guess...) (27/11 -2005)

Christian Sandell: Vocals, guitar, drums Burek V's Commodores section into one... Same musical taste as George Costanza in Seinfeld.

In daytime produces weird wooden sculptures and put them in subway stations.

Mats Grönmark: Vocals, guitar, pump organ Constantly mistaken for Tom Waits and Swedish soprano Håkan Hagegård. Hates music.

Håkan Svensson: Bass Burek V's indie-rock archivist. Have vinyl enough to drain the international oil-reserve.

Burek V - Make Up - Imported from Sweden by Listening Post Music. Check out Burek V's other CD too - Burek V.


Price - $17.00


1. Dog
2. Wake Up
3. Repeat
4. The Age Boogie
5. Join In The Song
6. Fail In Vain
7. Lure
8. Frequent Flyer
9. The Final Year