The Bukks - Rockets Ahead - Imported from Sweden by

The Bukks started out as a Johnny Thunders cover band. Mikael Herrström and Lars Bygdén had met each other in connection with recording the $ 1000 playboys which Lars was leading at the time.
Johnny Thunders was new to Lars and initially met with some resistance, soon to be broken down and turned into love by Mikael's force feeding of the same. The first ever recorded collaboration between the two was a stripped down version of Thunders (She's so) Untouchable, featuring stand up bass and some smokey blue note piano.

Soon to be drummer and bass man - P-A Wikander and
Nik Barwe were approached and The Bukks first rehearsal took place some time early 2001.
During this time Mikael had begun to record simple computer demos of speedy rock songs which sounded strange and bizarre due to lack of technological means. He was encouraged by this pitched up toy like sound and invited Lars who was equally thrilled and they baptized it MangaRock, after the Asian comic book style to which they could clearly see parallels

They started replacing the covers with their own songs and during their first ever performance at a Christmas show at Stockholm's Finest- Debaser, they had only five finished songs, but the crowd were ecstatic so they knew they must have hit something right.
It was decided to record a demo to which Daniel Zqaty (ex Bob Hund) was invited to produce and play synth. It turned out well, so well that the next decision was to get a recording contract no matter what the record industry might have to say about it. They soon found themselves on the doorstep to Dust Music, who strangely understood what they heard, and a deal was signed in blood.

Recording of Rockets Ahead started out in Dust Music's studio in Karlstad. A no window, no slack room all digital place with the accompanying hum of fan systems for a bedtime lullaby, as the band also lived in this environment the studio was quickly renamed Dust Hilton.
Nevertheless, or because of, the record that came out is filled to the brim with High Energy MangaRock! All those ones and zeroes must have crazed at the sound of the Manga...

- We love that over earthly frenzy that can be heard on old vinyl records from Rock n´Rolls childhood.
We just want to be in that lightning and format it into the space age.

The bukkeys one by one:

P-A Wikander - The star drummer no 1 since his days as keeping the beat for Sweden's indie band no 1 - Popsicle. He comes from Öjebyn, Piteå where he started his journey towards stardom as stick boy for the strikingly named band Joy Boy.

Lars Bygdén - The man with the beard. In the public eye and ear for heartfelt singing and songwriting with his 18-wheeler band The $ 1000 playboys.
He originates from Sundsvall, Norrland light.
Was in his youth in another strikingly named band -
Golden shower...

Nik Barwe - The bands only father. Received in the town of Norrköping. Played guitar in the notorious band Cod Lovers in the indiedays of the mid 90´s.

Mikael Herrström - Born and bred in Stockholm. First chords struck with the teenage punk band Ösregn. Moved on to start and sing in The Fire Engines in the early 90´s. Released at least one solo album and writes and sings the bukk songs together with Lars.

Daniel Zqaty - born somewhere in deep space, probably close Stella Polaris as he is always a light in the night. Keeps the whole band as "prospects" meaning he will join fulltime if the band makes it big...!

This version of the Rockets Ahead CD includes the bonus video for THE MOVE

The Bukks - Rockets Ahead - Imported from Sweden by

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Track Listing

1. (She's My ) Baby
2. VIP
3. The Move
4. I Love Girls
5. Palma De Mallorca
6. Psycho Upstairs
7. (Hey) Baby
8. VooDoo
9. Caonsumer Citizen
10. Look Mama,, No SKW
11. Things I Won't Do