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Boy Omega is led byMartin Henrik Gustafsson. Here is his story.

My Name is Martin and I'm from Sweden. I was born on the 9th of March in 1978 at Eksjö BB. Named after Martin Shivers, a football-player for Tottenham Hotspur. Born with a banana-foot and one leg shorter than the other, I had to go through a lot of operations in my early years. Therefore I ended up spending a lot of time in hospitals. I still can't stand them;

I'm a night owl and I love the sound of rain smattering against my windows. My favorite time of year is autumn, or fall. When it's not too hot and not too cold. I find a lot of interest in science and the unknown. Ghosts, seamonsters and stuff like that. I also like animals, movies, books, bathtubs, balconies, the castle woods, the red rock, my bicycle, my computer, photo albums, the ocean, drawing, rollercoasters, power ballads, trees, tetris, bars, random acts of kindness and so on.

My debut album "I name you isolation" was recorded in my apartment, my brother's apartment and a studio at Lindholmen, Göteborg with great help from Tomas Torsson and Kalle Fornarve and all of my wonderful friends who played and sang together with me.

Recently I finished the recording of my second fullength "The Black Tango". It sounds pretty different compared to the debut album, and that's how I want my music to be. Constantly changing and evolving. "The Black Tango" will hopefully see the light of day this autumn (2005). The album is dedicated to my grandfather Bertil Lindberg.

"If they could sell sanity in a bottle they'd be charging for compressed air, and marketing healthcare." /S. Francis.

Boy Omega often turns into an orchestra.

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Track Listing

1. Golden Jaw
2. Clinging On For Dear Life
3. East
4. Night Birds
5. We Might Not Be Real
6. Blackie's Blues
7. On Five
8. The Best Time Of The Year
9. Doctor's Orders
10. Trip Through Your Wires
11. Come to My House
12. How Far How Close