Imported from Italy

Seattle, Washington's multifaceted music scene features BONRUD: an exciting melodic rock project, led by guitarist and producer Paul Bonrud. BONRUD's debut album shines with eleven tracks of soaring vocals and melodic guitar leads that are unmistakably influenced by Journey and Foreigner.

Paul is a multi-talented musician with extensive recording, producing, and performance experience. He began his music career in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a session guitarist before moving to Seattle, where he met veteran vocalist David Hendricks shortly after beginning to demo songs for a new CD. "I was blown away by Dave's voice which sounds amazingly similar to Lou Gramm", recalls Paul. Thus the writing and recording began. When it came time to lay down the drums, Paul called on the recognized talents of session drummer Paul Higgins. The two met while playing sessions and gigs for several other Seattle-based recording artists.

Impressively, Paul Bonrud played most of the other instruments on the BONRUD album, which he produced and engineered, in addition to writing the majority of the material: "Producing and recording songs requires the ability to visualize the overall big picture of the song while also maintaining great attention to detail", says Paul of his philosophy.

This is reflected throughout the album which was mixed by legendary six-time Grammy winning producer Keith Olsen. Keith has produced albums for Whitesnake, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne, Night Ranger, Sammy Hagar, Rick Springfield, Fleetwood Mac and many others.

Paul divulges, "I was really fortunate to have Keith's invaluable assistance on this project. He gave me many great suggestions along the way and when it came time to mix the songs, I turned the reigns over to him. I learned so much and made a great friend in the process".

Melodic rock fans will be enchanted by newcomer BONRUD.

Imported from Italy

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1. Leap of Faith
2. The Phoenix
3. Desperate Heart
4. I've Changed
5. Give Me A Chance
6. Take Me Home
7. Date With Destiny
8. Once In A Lifetime
9. Live Your Dreams
10. Look Me In The Eyes
11. Hollywood Movie Star


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