Bloom - imported from Sweden by Listenning Post Music

Lead vocalist Johanna and main composer Fredrik started the band a couple of years ago when she was asked to sing on his song demos. An immediate bond grew and they decided to form a band with musicians they both knew and liked from previous bands. Strong melodies with Johanna's crisp voice and edgy guitars and a whole lot of ideas from band member Fredrik Larsson created the sound of the band. They got in touch with producer Anders "Theo" Theander of RoastingHouse who decided to sign the band and the debut album was released in June 2005 by RoastingHouse Records in G/S/A distributed by Rough Trade marketed by ZYX Music and sold in the USA by Listening Post Music.

Line up: Johanna Stedt (leadvocals), Fredrik Larsson (guit/keys), Staffan Österlind (guitar), David Fremberg (guitar), Johan Ådahl (bass) and Jon Grinde (drums).

Includes a video for EVERYDAY.

Bloom - Imported from Sweden by

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Track Listing

1. Everyday
2. Spinning World
3. Lesson in Love
4. Take Me Home
5. What's The Point In Crying
6. Just Hold On
7. Hide and Seek
8. Everytime
9. Do You Remember?
10. Come On
11. Free