Black Bonzo - Lady of the Light

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"We Are Soldiers of Music, We Love to Create Not to Destroy."

Vintage sounds and equally brilliant compositions on this album suggest that Lady Of The Light is actually a 2004 album and not a 1972 release. It's like a step into the glorious past with influences as diverse as Deep Purple, Queen, Kaipa, Wishbone Ash, Uriah Heep, King Crimson (1st album), very early Camel, and a vastly improved (in my opinion) Moody Blues. Fantastic Mellotron and organ. Classic progressive rock ( Brave Young Soldier, These Are Days of Sorrow, Sirens, Where The River Meets The Sea ), top notch rock ( New Day, Freedom ) and a combination of both ( Fantasy World, Leave Your Burdens, Lady Of The Light ) are what this album is all about. I'm trying desperately hard to decide if the music sounds dated. It is dated if for no other reason than the use of vintage instruments or sounds and, as I have already stated, the album could have been released some 30 years ago. On the other hand, the compositions are fresh and old so and so's like me know only too well that good music remains good music regardless of age (or in this instance, perceived age). Interestingly, MTV are to use snippets of Lady Of The Light in some of their forthcoming trailers so draw your own conclusions. This is not neo prog by any extent of the imagination. This is music for those of us who have always like decent music and who can remember the days when rock was either serious or pop and the term progressive was in its infancy even if the music wasn't.

70s Pomp and progressive rock with resemblances to A.C.T mixed with early Kansas and Queen but they are not as good though (what is?) but still a very interesting album.
This is a concept album that will take you back to the late 70s soundwise but still with a very strong sound and a very good production. Just listen to the opening and title track that is pure magic for fans of early Kansas. The arrangement, harmonies, keyboards and yes, everything is just pure class and if this won´t hook you up then I don´t know what will.
I haven´t heard this brilliant pomp/prog for a long time. Ok, A.C.T did a fantastic album in 2003 and this is very much in the same leauge, maybe a bit more complex. The song "Brave Young Soldier" is a 9 minute long orgasm for lovers of Queen. Another song that has strong Queen influences is the beautiful "Freedom" with brilliant strong background vocals in the chorus. The pianosound on this tune is sheer joy to listen to. The singer Magnus Lindgren has a fantastic voice and suits this kind of music. He really gives his best on the pompish "Leave Your Burdens" that features some impressive hammondwork that really dominates this song, great stuff.
This is an album filled with almost 1 hour with pure 70s pomp/prog - done with quality for sure. So I must say that Patrick, Mike, Magnus, Joachim and Nicklas Ahlund has recorded a fantastic debut album. This will promise more and bigger stuff from this talented band.
A new Swedish sensation in the world of pomp/prog and I suggest you check them out right away.

In the winter of 2003 things started to happen when Black Bonzo formerly known as, Gypsy sons of magic. The Gypsy's consisted of Magnus on vocals, Joakim and Nicklas on guitars, Patrick on bass, Mike on keyboards and Andreas on the drums. But things just didn't feel or sound right, and due to Andreas having commitments with another band the line up changed.

They began to look for a new drummer, which turned out to be more of a hassle then anticipated. For a period of two month, many different drummers tried out, but none was found.

Now without a drummer, and a bunch of great new songs that needed to be rehearsed and arranged.

It was time for a new approach.

The guys then sat down to have a serious talk about what to do...and then, out of the blue, some one came up with the brilliant idea.

Changing the lineup within the band was so simple it just seemed stupid.

After a short talk re whom should play what?

Black Bonzo WAS BORN.

Magnus Lindgren vocals

Mike Israelsson on drums. Which came naturally

Nicklas Alund on keys, whom wasn't a stranger to this instrument.

Patrick Leandersson on bass

Joakim Karlsson on guitars

All this movement made it lots of fun and much more experimental with an extraordinary sound that has exploded into what we love today and have become Black Bonzo.

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Track Listing

1. Lady of the Light
2. Brave Young Solider
3. These Are The Days Of Sorrow
4. New Day
5. Fantastic World
6. Freedom
7. Sirens
8. Jailbait
9. Leave Your Burdens
10. Where The River Meets The Sea